Currently on block 1828338 and the next superblock is at 1836000
This equates to 7662 blocks left until the superblock. Which pays out 21,600 TRC.
Which will take about 255 hours (Approximate date is 2020-09-29 18:03:42 and currently the date is 2020-09-19 03:03:42)
There are 1683 total Masternodes and 1090 enabled Masternodes.
Due to total masternode count, 8,415,000 TRC are allocated.
The last time I checked, the price per Terracoin is 0.00000532 BTC which is roughly $0.06 USD
That means that currently the price per masternode is 0.02660000 BTC which is roughly $291.07 USD
There is 44.76780000 BTC or $489,862.40 USD invested into masternodes
There are approximately 720 rewards per day. For a masternode, this would mean a payment every 1.51 days.
That is about 2.97247706 TRC per day
Based on that, it would take 1,682.1 days to ROI (to receive 5000 TRC from masternode rewards)
If you purchased today and masternode count stayed the same, your ROI would occur on 2025-04-28 03:03:42
The volume for the last day has been $163.34 USD with a value change of -6.5569% in the last day.
There are currently 1 watchdogs and 1 valid watchdogs
The network has 10,615,289.11 THs processing power.
I know this information because I have 113 connections to the network and mnsync says I am fully synced.

If you place a ?count=mncount at the end of the URL (i.e. ?count=5 ) I can calculate some masternode statistics based on your masternode count as well.